In order to provide the best service possible, all submissions, whether submitted electronically or in person, must adhere to this policy. Though not inherently more important, the most common issues are highlighted below.

I. Requirements of Submitted Content

  1. No part of submitted materials may contain the following:
    1. School-inappropriate content, including but not limited to sexual innuendo, swearing, or graphic/implied violence
    2. Deliberate falsification of facts (slander or libel)
    3. ANY third-party material (especially music) without proof of written license
  2. Videos must meet these requirements:
    1. Must be no longer than 10 minutes in length
    2. Must be recorded and mastered in at least 480p resolution
    3. Must be produced horizontally
    4. Must be delivered to CCHS Journalism as a single, playable video file (such as a .mp4 or .mov) at no more than 1 gigabyte in size (this means we will not accept any un-rendered iMovie or Movie Maker projects)
  3. Announcements must meet these requirements:
    1. Must be school-, district-, or community-related
    2. Must be short enough to be read in fifteen seconds or fewer
    3. Must be specific enough to provide adequate details
  4. Submitted materials cannot use any CCHS Journalism trademarks, including but not limited to:
    1. The geometric camel logo (pictured on
    2. CCHS Journalism department names, such as Camel News, Camel Yearbook, and CamelTV
    3. CCHS Journalism publications, such as Live on Camel Drive, Potty Mouth, or The Humphrey Herald
  5. Submitted materials cannot imply participation of parties who did not contribute to production of content OR did not wish to be credited.
  6. All persons in any submission must explicitly consent to appearing in the production unless their role is minor and brief.
  7. All submissions must be delivered in their final form AT LEAST three business days before intended publication.

II. The Role of CCHS Journalism

Campbell County High School Journalism:

  1. cannot guarantee publication of material at any requested date.
  2. makes no guarantee in continued availability of material after initial publication date.
  3. reserves the right not to publish any material it deems inappropriate, low-quality, or in poor social taste.
  4. reserves the right to significantly modify any material without prior notice.