About CCHS Journalism

The CCHS Journalism program is the media outlet of Campbell County High School—providing nearly all school-related information to students, teachers, and parents alike. CCHS Journalism operates under three primary branches:

Camel News

investigates all the goings-on of CCHS and the local community and publishes them in the Camel News website and physical newspaper The Humphrey Herald.

Camel Yearbook

captures the moments and memories of CCHS year after year and publishes stories and pictures in our annual yearbook.


creates engaging multimedia content that focuses on CCHS events and issues and airs on both the CamelTV website and Gillette Public Access television.

CCHS Journalism also creates other publications such as the condensed newsletter Potty Mouth for the convenience of students and parents.

About this website

What is this website?

This website is the media outlet of Campbell County High School, Gillette, Wyoming. This website and all websites with “cchscamels.com” in the URL are owned and operated by Campbell County High School Journalism, not the high school or school district itself.

Is this the official school website?

No. Click here to access the official school website. Furthermore, information expressed in this website and any related websites owned and operated by CCHS Journalism are subject to inadvertent informational inaccuracy and are not inherently indicative of the actions, opinions, or views of Campbell County School District or its employees, students, or affiliates.

If I see something wrong, who should I tell?

Use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

What is the structure of this site?

The website that you are currently using is the main website and there are three main branches (or sub-websites)—Camel News, Camel Yearbook, and CamelTV. There is also a set of pages under this website for general usage. See these in the navigation links at the top of this page.